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Marker Free Ten Binding -
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Marker Free Ten Binding

Regular Price: $ 210.00

Special Price $ 119.00

The 2015 Marker Free Ten Bindings are an attractively priced binding for juniors or lighter skiers just breaking into park, pipe, and all-mountain riding. The Compact Step-In Heel gives skiers time-tested Marker binding construction with release properties appropriate for those who won.t be punishing their bindings with super-aggressive riding. If a lighter recreational skier ready to kick things up a notch and spend some time working your freestyle skills, you.ll appreciate the compact, centered design that lends itself well to switch riding and launching spins. All in all, the 2015 Marker Free Ten Bindings are a great value for smaller aspiring freeriders.

  • DIN Range:  3.0 - 10.0

  • Skier's Weight:  30 - 110 kg

  • Stand height w/o ski: 23 mm

  • Toe system: Triple Pivot Light

  • AFD Gliding Plate: Gliding AFD

  • Step-in Heel: Compact

  • Weight (Pair): 1434 g (85), 1440 g (100)

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